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Personal Injury Claims

Regardless of whether the injury happened as a result of a vehicle collision, tainted product, dangerous drug or violent assault, the life-altering health consequences of a catastrophic injury can be emotionally and financially devastating. That said, some injury victims may find a glimmer of hope in their ability to pursue financial compensation in court.

For example, if another party causes a victim’s injuries — as a result of negligent, reckless or unlawful activity — the victim may be able to hold the at-fault party financially liable.

Were You Injured By Another Party’s Negligence?

At the Moore Law Firm, we help victims with serious and minor injuries seek justice and financial restitution. Since 1964, there are certain types of cases that we’ve represented time and time again. Here is a list of the most common personal injury cases we represent. Were you injured in an accident like this?

Car Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of disabling injuries and death in the United States. Sadly, the vast majority of these incidents could have been avoided if the at-fault party had only followed the law, paid attention to the road or used a little bit of common sense. Fortunately, injured car accident victims can hold the negligent, reckless and unlawful drivers financially accountable for the damages, pain and suffering they cause.

Burn Injury

Burn Injury

A burn injury has the potential to leave a lasting impact – physically, psychologically, and financially. These injuries can be caused by any factors such as extreme heat, chemicals, gases, electricity, or even radiation. Possibly the most painful type of injury a person can endure, a burn injury, can become life threatening if not immediately and properly cared for.

Semi truck accident

Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are heavy, maneuver poorly and cause mayhem and destruction when they’re involved in a collision. Because commercial truck drivers and the transportation companies that employ them are held to different legal and safety standards, vehicle accidents that involve big trucks require a unique legal approach and an in-depth understanding of Commercial Truck Accident Law.

man hit by car

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are highly vulnerable to injury and death when involved in a motor vehicle collision. For this reason, the law often sides with pedestrians who are struck by vehicles — as motorists are held to a higher standard of care to yield to pedestrians whenever possible. As such, injured pedestrians are often on the right side of the law.

man slipped on wet surface

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners must reasonably maintain their properties in a way that prevents avoidable dangers to visitors. If, for example, a property owner fails to reasonably clean up slippery messes, repair broken staircases or provide adequate lighting, he or she could be liable for the injuries that result.

defective eggs

Defective Products

Whether they are vehicles, pharmaceutical drugs, toys, a food product –or some other kind of manufactured good — the makers, designers and distributors of these products have a legal responsibility to design and manufacture products that are free of dangerous defects, and to warn consumers of any known risks associated with their products. As a result of this legal duty, product makers and sellers may be financially liable for the injuries and deaths their products cause.

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