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The immigration visa lawyers at Moore Law Firm can help you navigate through the complex immigration process successfully.

Whether you’re already in the country wanting permanent residency or are thinking about moving here and need a visa, our experienced lawyers can assist you throughout the entire process.

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    What Types of Visas Do You Need?

    The U.S. currently has around 185 different types of visas available for immigrants. These include temporary visas many people from other countries need to get just to come here and visit for a few weeks.

    But if you are thinking of talking to a lawyer, then you’re most likely not just looking to come to the U.S. on vacation. You will need a type of visa that can ensure permanent residency and maybe even allow you to work and make a living here.

    Our immigration lawyers can help you figure out which type of visa is more appropriate for you and your situation, as well as be there for you throughout the many steps you need to take to get it.

    Each visa can have different rules and procedures, so it’s really important to work with a professional visa immigration lawyer at this time. It can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate the immigration process on your own without extensive knowledge of the legal system.

    Here are some types of visas we can help you apply for:

    • Student visa
    • Spouse or fiancé visa
    • Immediate relatives visa
    • Employer-sponsored visa
    • Green Card Lottery (Diversity Immigrant Visa Program)
    • Employment Visa

    We encourage you to get in touch with a visa immigration attorney from the Moore Law Firm to discuss your case. We can help you take the needed steps to apply for and get your visa so that you can legally remain in the country.

    American Visa and Green Card Lawyer

    How to Get a Green Card

    A Green Card is slightly different from other immigrant visas, as it allows you to have permanent, legal residency in the US, work, and even get Social Security and other benefits from the government.

    It is also an essential step towards becoming a citizen. And because of its status, the Green Card also has stricter rules for eligibility. An immigration attorney from our office can see if you are eligible for it.

    To get a green card, you have to file an application that the government will have to review. Additionally, you will also be interviewed by a government official. Once you receive your green card, it will be valid for ten years. After that, you can either apply again or apply for citizenship if you meet the needed criteria.

    If you’re not sure if you’re eligible or not for a green card, please get in touch with Moore Law Firm for assistance. In some cases, even if you cannot yet apply for a green card, you may opt for another type of visa instead. Contact our office to find more.

    Why Work with our visa & Green Card Lawyer

    Moore Law First has a team of dedicated visa immigration attorneys with years of hands-on experience navigating the many intricacies of the U.S. immigration system.

    We can tell you right now that it’s not an easy system to understand, especially in present times when there is a high degree of uncertainty. However, it’s our job to keep our ears to the ground and pay attention to any shift and change in the policy, so that we can represent our clients effectively.

    But you won’t just get an experienced and professional immigration visa lawyer if you choose us. You’ll also get:

    Understanding and compassion

    The human factor in these cases cannot be ignored, and we are extremely sympathetic to your problems. This sympathy often motivates us to go above and beyond for our clients;

    Support and counseling every step of the way

    Like we said, applying for a U.S. immigrant visa is complicated, and we know some people can have a hard time with it. But we’re here to offer our services from filling out the forms to preparing you for the interview.

    Do you need to apply for a U.S. visa? Speak with a, Immigration Attorney now!

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