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The United States is a nation of immigrants. Millions of people have come to live in this country from all corners of the world, making it the great nation it is today.However, attitudes toward foreigners entering to visit or living permanently in the United States have fluctuated significantly during the 200-plus year history of this country, and immigration laws may reflect a friendly or hostile approach to foreigners. Choosing the right Immigration Lawyer in Tucson can help.

We are a local Tucson based law firm with experienced attorneys whose goal is to assist you and your loved ones. With our help, your immigration situation will be resolved quickly and effectively, which will allow you to get back to your life as quickly as possible.

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Persons Obtaining Lawful Permanent Resident Status in the U.S. in 2019
In 2019 in Arizona

Source: DHS



Immigration is a difficult subject to approach. If your status (or a loved one’s status) is uncertain at best, it’s easy to understand why you may feel overwhelmed at this point or unsure of what’s to come.

That’s all the more reasons to get in touch with an immigration lawyer and ask for help. Immigration law can be confusing, difficult, and even seem contradictory at times. Plus, the waves of constant changes to immigration laws we’ve seen in recent years make it all the more difficult to even know what to do.

We can help. If you need the advice and expertise of the best lawyer for immigration in Tucson, contact Moore Law Firm now!

Finding an immigration lawyer that fits your needs

No matter the political climate, immigrants have always had a wide array of pathways they can take toward permanent residency and citizenship. The best path for a particular individual will depend on the unique facts that pertain to the individual and his or her family.

The immigration system in the United States generally seeks to grant various pathways to immigrants based on work skills, capital investment and family ties. Options also exist in some cases for those seeking asylum or refuge from difficult political situations that prevent them from safely returning to their home countries.

At the Moore Law Firm, we custom-tailor a solution based on the distinctive circumstances of our client. In doing so, we will examine our client’s employment experience, education, family situation and political status to determine the most appropriate way to achieve his or her U.S. visa or citizenship goals.

Are you coming to the United States to be with your family? Are you pursuing education opportunities? Are you escaping a difficult or dangerous political circumstance? Are you an investor who wants to start a new business in the United States?

We will leave no stone unturned until we have considered every conceivable strategy that can assist you in achieving your United States immigration goals.

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Legal Arizona Workers Act
(A.R.S. sections 23-211 to 23-214)

Employers are prohibited from knowingly employing unauthorized workers. The penalties for violating these sections can range from a warning to the permanent loss of their business license. The state also considers illegal immigrants’ solicitation for work as a criminal activity.

For more information: Arizona State Legislature

Why Hire a US Immigration Lawyer

Over hiring a notary or doing it yourself.

Immigration in the United States is generally considered a popular but sensitive and difficult topic to approach. Similarly, immigration law is a terrain that is incredibly hard to navigate, especially if you’re looking for legal citizenship. Not only is the immigration process complicated, but there are also many technical hurdles that you may have to face.

Along with extensive paperwork, immigration in the United States also requires a lot of time and effort that only experienced immigration lawyers can put in. This is usually the case because, for most immigrants, English is not the first language. So, there is always a communication gap that persists.

According to several sociologists, immigration law is especially difficult for vulnerable communities, and those who lack information on the correct procedures and logistics of how to go about the process can struggle. This is why an immigration lawyer can be very helpful.

However, getting a US immigration lawyer can often be expensive, and due to misinformation, many immigrants often opt for notary services. These services can be extremely dangerous for people who are not familiar with the American legal system.

So, allow us to tell you some of the reasons why you should hire an immigration lawyer instead a notary.

Immigration Lawyers Are Experienced

The first and perhaps the most important reason you should hire an immigration lawyer is that they are very experienced. An experience in immigration law gives these lawyers an upper hand in administering your personal situation and working with it through appropriate legal counsel.

Since they’ve done it so many times before, immigration lawyers know how to advocate for someone. You don’t want to hand over such a significant life decision to someone inexperienced. There are higher chances that a novice would further complicate matters for you.

Experienced Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyers Can Easily Avoid Complications

As stated above, the process of immigration can take a lot of work. This is also a task that can become easily complicated. However, if you know how to file the correct paperwork and go through the correct channels, then the outcome can be more positive. But only immigration lawyers know these channels.

The American legal system is especially stringent about paperwork. One wrong form and you may have to go through the process all over again. Waiting in lines, getting an appointment, waiting for the next court date, and the threat of deportation are all looming pressures that immigrants have to face in the interim period.

Thus, if you hire an immigration lawyer who knows the correct forms, procedures, and ways of handling the legal system, you’re in good hands, and your likelihood of succeeding increases.

They Can Give Good Advice and Provide You With Options

Once again, since immigration lawyers are experienced, they probably know what works and what doesn’t. So, if you go to them with your immigration-related problems, they are more likely to answer your queries and present you with a list of options and advice that could potentially save your case.

Since they have seen thousands of immigration cases going through the legal system, they also know what works in the courts and what doesn’t. Due to the lack of knowledge about the American legal system, new immigrants may not understand what their options are, and an immigration lawyer might be the only help they can receive.

Furthermore, an immigration lawyer would also be familiar with the current laws protecting the rights of immigrants so they can help equip their clients with knowledge of those rights. Thus, if anyone tries to take advantage of your immigrant status at your expense, you will know the right procedures to tackle the situation.

Additionally, an immigration lawyer will also tell you the Dos and the Don’ts of living in the US as an immigrant. It often happens that many immigrants work illegal or under-the-table jobs that they don’t even know are illegal, but that can threaten your ability to stay in the US. So, processing visa applications, work permits, and all things related to immigration can be figured out using an immigration lawyer’s help.

The Top 10 Countries With Foreign-Born Residents (Immigrants)
  1. United States: 50.6 million
  2. Germany: 15.8 million
  3. Saudi Arabia: 13.5 million
  4. Russia: 11.6 million
  5. United Kingdom: 9.4 million
  6. United Arab Emirates: 8.7 million
  7. France: 8.5 million
  8. Canada: 8.0 million
  9. Australia: 7.7 million
  10. Spain: 6.8 million

Source: World Population Review

Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Find a Path to Citizenship

Immigrants are often illegally exploited in the labor market due to their status. This is primarily because they don’t know what kinds of jobs are available for them, or don’t have access to resources they need to pursue their career. An immigration lawyer can not only help you find a legal job but will also let you know what areas you can work in.

Furthermore, through all the steps that the lawyer makes you take, you can also be well towards the path to American citizenship. Apart from the paperwork and the courts, they can also help you integrate into the social and political life of the United States, which will help you when applying for citizenship.

Why Not Work With A Notary?

The answer to this question is rather easy. While what falls under a notary’s purview varies state by state, the general consensus is that notaries do not have to have a law degree, and many don’t.

For example, a notary in Arizona has to fulfill the minimum requirements to represent an immigration case.

These requirements state that the notary must be a resident of the state, be 18 years of age, takes a 3-hour exam-free course, and pays a small amount for an application. That is all.

Notaries do not nearly have the experience level of a professional immigration lawyer. So, it’s advised to hire an immigration lawyer over a notary.

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    How we can help

    If you are dealing with immigration matters, it’s vital to speak with an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate the system and make sure you avoid deportation.

    Immigration law isn’t just complicated – it’s also vast. There are a lot of different types of immigration issues you may be going through. It’s important to work with an immigration lawyer in Tucson with experience in your specific situations.

    Here are some of the immigration areas Moore Law Firm navigates:

    Citizenship and Naturalization

    immigration lawyer can help with citizenship

    If you are not yet a U.S. citizen but are legally eligible to apply for it, we can help you navigate the naturalization process.

    Family Immigration

    a immigration lawyer in tucson can help with your family's immigration case

    If you are a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident, you can sponsor a foreign relative for an immigrant visa.

    Adjustment of Status

    an immigration lawyer can assist with the adjustment of status form

    In certain cases, you may apply for your foreign relative to lawful permanent residence in the U.S. without having to go back to his or her native country.

    Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)

    Immigration lawyer can assist with special immigration juvenile status

    Available to certain minors currently living in the U.S. who have a valid juvenile court order issued by a state court in the United States. This is a rather sensitive matter since the status is awarded to minors who have been abused, abandoned or neglected by a parent.

    Child Status Protection Act

    immigration lawyer can help with the status child protection act

    Applicable for those under 21 currently working to get permanent residency. It allows you to still be legally considered a “child” throughout the process, even if you become an adult by the end of it.

    Work Permits

    work permit can be attained with the assistance of a Tucson employment based immigration lawyer

    Work permits legally allow you to be employed in the United States, even though you don’t have a Green Card yet. However, you need to be in the process of getting your Green Card to be awarded a work permit.

    Moore Law Firm attorneys also specialize in Fiancé Visas, Spousal Visas, or Student Visas.

    If you are faced with an issue regarding your immigration status, we can help. Contact Moore Law firm now to speak with an immigration attorney and get the best legal advice for your case.

    An Educated Client Is a Successful Client

    The more a client knows about the various pathways to citizenship and permanent residency, the more capable he or she will be to make informed decisions regarding his or her immigration case.

    At the Moore Law Firm, our goal is to keep our clients informed along every step of their immigration law proceedings, keep them apprised of how long their immigration process will take, provide a complete picture of the costs associated with their application, and offer insight on the most appropriate solutions for success.

    Consult with an immigration lawyer

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    Why You Should Work with Us

    We are sensitive to your immigration concerns. All consultations are confidential and allow you to share your story and background with an experienced professional. Let us help you learn what immigration options may be available to you.

    Moore Law Firm is made up of a team of immigration lawyers you can trust.

    Here’s why working with us is your best option:

    • We have immigration attorneys that have successfully represented many clients in the past.
    • We can help you navigate through the immigration system, make sure your petition is filed completely and correctly, ensuring you the best possible outcome.
    • We keep up to date on immigration policy changes.
    • We are effective and efficient.

    We understand the serious nature of immigration cases, and that your immigration status affects you and your family.

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