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Our Personal Injury lawyers specialize in practice areas that include, but are not limited to: Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall injuries, electric scooter injuries, and more. We are a local law firm with highly experienced injury attorneys whose purpose is to help you and your family. With our help, your issue will be resolved quickly and effectively, which will allow you to get back to enjoying your life as soon as possible.

Have You Suffered a Personal Injury? Learn How To Get Compensated

Personal injury, also known as tort law, is a legal term that describes a circumstance where a person suffers bodily injury as a result of another party’s actions or activities. By law, when you suffer a personal injury, meaning you are not responsible or at-fault for the incident in which you were hurt, you have the right to seek compensation from the party that has caused you harm.

At the Moore Law Firm, it is our job to represent your best interest and make sure the at-fault party is held accountable for their actions. If you are looking for an experienced and versatile personal injury lawyer, get in touch now for a case consultation!

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Proving Liability: The Key to Winning Your Personal Injury Case

In most cases, accidents happen because at least one party was acting carelessly. These can be anything from minor behaviors that result in minor damage or gross negligence that cause extensive injuries to the victim.

No matter the extent of injuries or the type of action you have to take to get compensated (insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit), one key aspect you need to focus on is proving liability.

And to prove legal liability, you essentially need to show that the defendant:

  • Had a duty to be careful towards the injured victim.
  • Is responsible for said injuries, either because of their actions or lack thereof.
  • Is responsible for covering the victim’s damages.

Your own actions will come into question as well. If you are also at-fault, albeit to a lesser degree, it’s likely for your compensation to be lowered based on your personal fault degree.

You will need to provide the court or insurance company evidence that essentially supports your claim. For example, if you get hurt because a dog bit you, then you may seek compensation for these injuries from the dog owner. But to receive it, you have to provide evidence:

  • Of who is responsible to ensure their dog behaves. In some cases, it may not be the owner, but a dog walker or other party.
  • That their actions resulted in your injuries (such as not keeping the dog on a leash.
  • That they are also responsible for covering your medical bills resulting from the injuries.
personal injury lawyer can help with dog bite cases

Example: Dog Bites

Keeping the previous example, if the dog bites you out of the blue in a public place, then you are not at-fault for the incident. The dog owner or walker should have shown higher caution to keep their dog on a leash.

But, if you walk up to the dog, start to pet it, and the dog bites you, it can be argued that you are at least partially responsible for the injury. Dogs are territorial and protective by nature, so if a stranger walks up to them they may see it as a threat.

Our personal injury lawyers can help you establish liability and build a strong case to get compensation. Call our office now for a consultation!

Were You Injured by Another Party’s Negligence?

At the Moore Law Firm, we help victims with serious and minor injuries seek justice and financial restitution. Since 1964, there are certain types of cases that we’ve represented time and time again, and have helped our clients recover over $55 million while on the path to wellness.

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    What Types of Personal Injury Cases Are There?

    A personal injury lawsuit or claim can be extremely varied. When a person gets injured because of another party’s actions, the victim has the right to seek personal injury damages.

    Common cases of personal injury suits include:

    Car Accidents

    Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of disabling injuries and death in the United States. Sadly, the vast majority of these incidents could have been avoided if the at-fault party had only followed the law, paid attention to the road or used a little bit of common sense. Fortunately, injured car accident victims can hold the negligent, reckless and unlawful drivers financially accountable for the damages, pain and suffering they cause.

    personal injury lawyer can help after a car wreck

    Burn Injury

    burn injury

    A burn injury has the potential to leave a lasting impact – physically, psychologically, and financially. These injuries can be caused by any factors such as extreme heat, chemicals, gases, electricity, or even radiation. Possibly the most painful type of injury a person can endure, a burn injury, can become life threatening if not immediately and properly cared for.

    Commercial Truck Accidents

    commercial truck accident lawyer

    Commercial trucks are heavy, maneuver poorly and cause mayhem and destruction when they’re involved in a collision. Because commercial truck drivers and the transportation companies that employ them are held to different legal and safety standards, vehicle accidents that involve big trucks require a unique legal approach and an in-depth understanding of Commercial Truck Accident Law.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and Fall Injury

    Property owners must reasonably maintain their properties in a way that prevents avoidable dangers to visitors. If, for example, a property owner fails to reasonably clean up slippery messes, repair broken staircases or provide adequate lighting, he or she could be liable for the injuries that result.

    Defective Products

    defective product lawyer

    Whether they are vehicles, pharmaceutical drugs, toys, a food product –or some other kind of manufactured good — the makers, designers and distributors of these products have a legal responsibility to design and manufacture products that are free of dangerous defects, and to warn consumers of any known risks associated with their products. As a result of this legal duty, product makers and sellers may be financially liable for the injuries and deaths their products cause.

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Pedestrians are highly vulnerable to injury and death when involved in a motor vehicle collision. For this reason, the law often sides with pedestrians who are struck by vehicles — as motorists are held to a higher standard of care to yield to pedestrians whenever possible. As such, injured pedestrians are often on the right side of the law.

    personal injury lawyer can help after a pedestrian injury

    It’s important to work with an experienced lawyer who knows about the type of personal injuries you are dealing with. The process of getting compensated for a car accident injury can be slightly different from medical negligence claims or lawsuits, as you are dealing with completely different sets of laws.

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    At the Moore Law Firm, we deal with all kinds of personal injury cases and strive to ensure our clients get fairly compensated for personal injury lawsuits.

    How much you ultimately get can depend on:

    • The extent of your injuries
    • Pain and suffering
    • Lost wages
    • Other costs that have resulted from the incident

    Contact the Moore Law Firm now to work with a team of dedicated lawyers ready to fight for you. We’ll negotiate a fair settlement that can allow you to heal and move on.

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