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When things go wrong, you need to know where to turn to make them right. If you’ve sustained a horseback riding injury and someone else is liable for your injuries, you deserve fair compensation. Fight for your rights with the expert attorneys at the Moore Law Firm.

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Horseback Riding Accidents

Approximately 35.7 people for every 100,000 suffer injuries from a horse riding accident. These range from being kicked while on the ground or being thrown from the back of the horse. As you might imagine, head traumas are common.

Female children between the ages of 10-14 tend to be the most common victims — no doubt related to the horse phase that every little girl seems to go through. Unfortunately for some, a delightful afternoon of fun can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Common Horse Related Injuries

Spinal Injury
Brain Injury Scan

The force of landing after being thrown from a horse can easily cause damage to the spinal cord or back. Many people have been left permanently paralyzed after suffering a spinal cord injury.

Brain Injury
Brain Injury Scan

More widespread use of helmets when riding horses has diminished the occurrence of traumatic brain injuries. However, many people still sustain head injuries after a fall.

Unmounted Injuries

It isn’t necessary to be riding the horse to suffer an injury, either. Many unmounted individuals suffer injuries from being kicked, trampled, or crushed between the horse and a stable wall or other structure.

Broken Bones
broken arm caused by a horse riding accident

The most common types of injuries suffered by riders are broken bones, cut, scrapes, and soft tissue injuries.

Who Is Liable in Horseback Riding Accidents?

There certain situations where someone else can be liable for your injuries. In general, this is when you suffered an injury as a result of someone’s negligent or reckless act which put you in harm’s way.

  • The rider is given faulty equipment which caused a fall
  • The rider is given a horse not suited to their skill level
  • The leader in group riding exhibiting poor control and leadership
  • Injuries that came about because of an uneven road surface
  • Motor vehicle drivers not taking sufficient precaution when driving near horses

These are just a few examples and don’t cover all situations in which another person can be liable. Proving liability can be tricky. For example, under Arizona law, a horse owner is not liable for supplying the rider with an inadequate mount if they did so based on the rider’s self-description of their ability to ride.

Owners of stables, rodeo grounds, or private property with horses are also generally not liable for injuries, regardless of whether the rider had the owner’s permission or not. However, the owner is expected to attend to hazardous conditions on the property immediately. If they fail to do so and someone is injured or killed as a result, they can be liable for those injuries.

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Contact a Horseback Riding Injury Lawyer at The Moore Law Firm

    Are You Eligible for Compensation?

    If someone is deemed to be liable for your injuries, you could be eligible for compensation. Typical compensation sought after by a personal injury attorney includes:
    ● Medical bills and expenses
    ● Rehabilitative care
    ● Lost wages and income
    ● Pain and suffering

    Teaming up With a Horseback Riding Accident Lawyer

    You might be 100% eligible for compensation, but getting it is another story altogether. The typical party responsible for paying your claim is the liable person’s insurance company. These companies know and will use every trick in the book to reduce the amount they have to pay.

    Proving liability is difficult in the first place and going up against an experienced insurance company is a recipe for disaster. Team up with an experienced horseback riding accident lawyer, at the Moore Law Firm, to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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