How Can A Car Accident
Change Your Life?

Being involved in an auto accident can affect your life in many ways in more than just the obvious. Besides the expenses associated with traffic tickets,
vehicle repairs, and increased insurance premiums, you may also suffer physical and emotional damage.

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Injuries Following a Car Accident

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Unfortunately, car accidents can cause you physical or emotional injuries – on top of the associated property damage and financial loss. A study by the NSC found that almost 4.4 million people were hurt in car accidents in 2019 – with injuries that were serious enough to require medical attention.

Injuries that result from a car accident can be extremely painful. A car wreck can leave you with wounds that are difficult to cope with and that may require prescription pain relievers.

Short-term injuries are not as severe but can still be painful and make it difficult for you to work for weeks or even months.

Even more serious are the long-term physical injuries that a car accident can leave you with. These can include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or those that result in permanent scarring or disfigurement. This may permanently keep you from being able to work, aside from the incredible hurdles they could pose to your daily life.

Car accidents can also cause emotional damage. If you are involved in a wreck it is normal to have fears about getting in a car again, and often you will feel uneasy or overwhelmed. Depending on the severity, this may develop into a phobia and may last months and require counseling.

More severe car accidents can cause other problems like PTSD, anxiety, or depression. These feelings can change your entire life and alter the way you go about everyday activities.

Whether your injuries are physical or psychological – or a combination of both – it is likely that your ability to do the things you enjoy will be impaired. They can also affect your relationships with your family and friends, as your injuries can consume your life.

Traffic Tickets as a Result of a Car Wreck

ticket from an accident

Generally, the police are called as soon as an accident occurs. You are required to give an accident report and the officers on the scene will determine who was at fault – and hand out the corresponding ticket or citations.

These are often expensive and may require you to go to court, which will cost you additional money. A ticket given as a result of a car accident can also increase your insurance premiums.

Higher Insurance Premiums After a Car Accident

Insurance Premium

As if paying for the ticket was not bad enough, if you are found to be at fault for the accident – or even just partially at fault – you can expect to see an increase in your monthly insurance premiums.

It may not seem like a significant jump at first glance, but this cost can add up to quite a bit when you consider that cost spread over the course of several months or even years!

Death of a Loved One from a Car Accident

Death of a Loved One

The worst way that a car accident can change your life is by causing the death of a loved one. According to NSC, almost 39,000 people lost their lives in a car crash in 2019.

Wrongful death is the most tragic thing that could happen – and nothing can replace the loved one that you have lost. While contacting a car accident attorney may the last thing on your mind during the grieving process, it may be the best way to help you recover what you are financially entitled to.

If you lose a loved one in a car accident, consider working with a legal advocate that will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve to provide for your family after a horrible tragedy.

The Costs of Vehicle Repairs after an Accident

Vehicle Repair Costs

The cost of vehicle repairs is one of the most obvious ways a car accident can change your life – and dealing with these costs, on top of trying to arrange the repairs, can be difficult. It may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix your car, and there is always the risk that the insurance company may deny your claim.

The Moore Law Firm can work with your insurance company and help coordinate repairs to try to minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Potential Legal Battles

Legal Battles

When a car accident claim cannot be resolved by the parties involved or the insurance company, there may be a legal battle. Not only are these cases expensive and time-consuming, but also can be emotionally draining.

While it is not typically your first choice, sometimes these legal battles are the only way to recover the money you deserve as a result of the car accident. A good car accident lawyer will help you throughout the process and ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Impact to Your Credit Rating due to a Car Crash

Credit Score

While a car accident itself is not something that will impact your credit rating, failure to pay the bills associated with the wreck might. If you are unable to pay the costs of medical bills or property repairs, your debts may be sent to collections. This will directly affect your credit rating and may prevent you from obtaining loans in the future.

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