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The United States is a nation of immigrants. Millions of people have come to live in this country from all corners of the world, making it the great nation it is today. However, attitudes toward foreigners entering to visit or living permanently in the United States have fluctuated significantly during the 200-plus year history of this country, and immigration laws may reflect a friendly or hostile approach to foreigners.

Finding an Immigration Solution That Fits Your Needs

No matter the political climate, immigrants have always had a wide array of pathways they can take toward permanent residency and citizenship. The best path for a particular individual will depend on the unique facts that pertain to the individual and his or her family.

The immigration system in the United States generally seeks to grant various pathways to immigrants based on work skills, capital investment and family ties. Options also exist in some cases for those seeking asylum or refuge from difficult political situations that prevent them from safely returning to their home countries.

At Moore Law, we custom-tailor a solution based on the distinctive circumstances of our client. In doing so, we will examine our client’s employment experience, education, family situation and political status to determine the most appropriate way to achieve his or her U.S. visa or citizenship goals.

Are you coming to the United States to be with your family? Are you pursuing education opportunities? Are you escaping a difficult or dangerous political circumstance? Are you an investor who wants to start a new business in the United States? We will leave no stone unturned until we have considered every conceivable strategy that can assist you in achieving your United States immigration goals.

Employers are prohibited from knowingly employing unauthorized workers. The penalties for violating these sections can range from a warning to the permanent loss of their business license. The state also considers illegal immigrants’ solicitation for work as a criminal activity

– Legal Arizona Workers Act (A.R.S. sections 23-211 to 23-214)

An Educated Client Is a Successful Client

The more a client knows about the various pathways to citizenship and permanent residency, the more capable he or she will be to make informed decisions regarding his or her immigration case. At the Moore Law Firm, our goal is to keep our clients informed along every step of their immigration law proceedings, keep them apprised of how long their immigration process will take, provide a complete picture of the costs associated with their application, and offer insight on the most appropriate solutions for success.

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