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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, and are injured, we can help you get the money you need for your injuries quickly.

Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle accidents frequently result in fatalities and injuries to bike riders.This is mainly due to the design of motorbikes, which leave riders open to all the elements. There is next to no protection on a bike compared to a car, which means that any accident on a bike can result in serious injuries. There isn’t an enclosed area on the bike that offers protection, and motorcyclists understand the risks that come with sharing the road with other drivers.

The motorcycle accident lawyers, at the Moore Law Firm, are familiar with the threats and problems faced by motorcycle riders. They know that bike riders are at great risk if they get into an accident with other riders and know that you need legal representation after any accident.

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Your need for an experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

A new report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), a non-profit organization that represents the state highway safety offices, revealed motorcycle accident statistics of the past year. There were 5,000 people killed on motorcycles in 2017 – 300 less than the number in 2016. This is good news, as the lives saved showed a 5.6% decrease. But, motorcyclists were still heavily overrepresented in total traffic deaths.

This is because motorcyclists have 28 times more chance of fatalities in accidents, than passengers of other vehicles, based on per mile driven.

At the Moore Law Firm, we have experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Tucson, Arizona, who understand what level of support bike riders need after surviving an accident. We know about the risks all bike riders take when they choose to ride a motorcycle on the road and identify with the adrenaline rush and feelings of being on the open road on a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or a passenger on the bike, we have the experience to offer you with complete support if you ever get involved in a bike accident.

Common motorcycle accidents

Most of the times motorcycle riders have no idea how their accident took place, which could be because the accident was caused by another vehicle. The statistics back that claim, as most motorcycle accidents involve carelessness or negligence of the other driver. The common causes of motorcycle accidents involving other drivers occurred because of the following:

  • Ignoring posted speed limits
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Tailgating (when a vehicle is driven too closely behind a motorcycle)
  • Doing reckless moves like abrupt lane change
  • Lack of attention while driving the vehicle (talking on the phone, making videos, sending texts etc.)
  • Turning left without looking and crashing head-on into a motorcyclist

Motorcycle accidents can happen for numerous reasons, and if your accident was caused by one of the instances mentioned above, it is imperative that you know this, but the circumstances that revolve around every accident are different. This is the reason our motorcycle injury lawyers want to meet with you and learn important details about your motorcycle crash when it occurs.

Common motorcycle injuries

One of the main reasons for riding motorcycles is the sense of freedom it offers bikers, but that comes at the cost of limited protection offered by the vehicle. The design of motorbikes mean that even low-speed collisions can cause serious injuries for motorcyclists. The most common injuries suffered by riders in motorcycle accidents were as follows:

Brain injuries
Broken bones
Contusions and lacerations
Head and facial injuries
Injuries to the hands and feet
Internal injuries
Psychological injuries
Road rash
Spinal cord and nervous system injuries

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, get in touch with our motorcycle injury lawyers in Tucson, Arizona right now!

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Factors in Determining Compensation

There are several factors in play when determining financial compensation after a motorcycle accident. The most important to remember for people is that insurance companies will try their hardest not to lose money, which is why they will try to settle for the small amount they can. They will either try to prove that you were at fault in the accident, which means you must settle for less money than you deserve. This is where experienced motorcycle accident lawyers come in to play.

Even if you were at fault for causing the accident, you can still collect a large amount of settlement, so before you make any decisions get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney. The lawyer will review the options available to you, offer advice, and explain what you can expect. They will also discuss the various factors involved in determining your compensation, which include the following:

Pain and Suffering
Medical and Rehab Expenses
Loss of income
Loss of quality of life
Disability or disfigurement
Punitive damages

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Tucson Can Help

When motorcyclists are injured in accidents, it impacts the individual and their family as well. When you retain the services of our motorcycle accident lawyers, we will start aggressively preparing your case, so that we may be successful in getting a large settlement with the insurance company or get you a favorable result in a trial before a jury. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are willing to go the extra mile for you after an accident through the following:

  • Recreate the accident
    Hiring an accident reconstructionist to recreate the accident
  • Medical records
    Ordering medical records and bills
  • Police Reports
    Ordering police reports
  • Camera
    Photographing the scene of the accident and damage to vehicles
  • Traffic Light
    Requesting copies of traffic light sequencing data
  • Computer
    Reviewing computer recordings or “black boxes”
  • Video
    Reviewing video footage of the accident
  • Witnesses
    Taking statements from witnesses to the accident
  • Insurance
    Talking directly to the insurance carriers for the parties

The goal of our motorcycle accident lawyers is to handle every aspect of your financial recovery, leaving you to focus on your physical and mental well-being.

Legal advice you can count on

A motorcycle accident can be a traumatic experience, as it is one in which you can easily lose your life, a limb, or suffer irreparable injuries. At the Moore Law Firm, we are familiar with the financial, emotional, and physical hardships faced by individuals involved in an accident. We believe that people who suffered in accidents, should be fairly compensated for their injuries, and our lawyers are fully prepared to fight aggressively for your rights.